Hire the best people I’ve worked with

I need to find a home for two of the best engineers I’ve ever worked with. Each of these engineers has 30 years of professional software development experience, including extensive experience with:

  • Low-level operating systems and networking stack development,

  • Embedded development,

  • Optimizing compiler development, and

  • Language and DSL engineering in various Lisp dialects

Both of these individuals worked directly for me on the design and implementation of AirStash OS, and with me at Motorola on an optimizing code generator targeting C for various languages. If you’re hiring for IoT product or platform, operating system, compiler, developer tool, or language design and development - or if you’re a Lisp or Clojure shop and you need someone who can metaprogram like it’s second nature - you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with the same combination of experience and adaptability. Both are open to positions in the Chicago area or remote work.

If you have such a position and you need the best, send me an email - my first name at my last name dot net.